What is a Physical Bitcoin?

In the era of digitalization, most people preserve their data in virtual accounts but a lot of people think that keeping treasured assets in a locker is safer. Several individuals also rejected the idea of digital currency as they can’t seek it physically like they would with cash. This was the idea behind the creation of physical bitcoins.


In reality, physical bitcoins are identical to their fiat duplicates. They are generally made with metals like gold, silver, and brass and also have resemblances between the two ends.

The physical bitcoins can also work as bank cards though the card does not make any sense. But the magnetic stripe on the card’s front provides entry to the real currency. Also, in the physical bitcoins, the private key mentioned on the back is more important than the coin.

Physical Bitcoins are generally made in a 3-D printers. But the designs vary because different enthusiasts make these not any centralized organization. When some use pure silver or gold, some coins are made with metal-plate.

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The worth of the coin can be seen on its back which contains a secure key for real bitcoins. And each coin has its own key. Hence, if anyone tries to tamper with it, he can only get access to the BTC of that particular coin.

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