What are India’s Current Investment Trends?

In the second quarter of the current financial year, India’s current GDP stood at 55.54 lakh crore, as per the temporary calculations of GDP for the 2021-2022 second quarter.

According to a report by LocalCircles, a Community Platform, “Indians are more likely to save than spend on discretionary items in 2022. When 40% of the surveyed consumers like to spend more on equity and mutual funds, around 14% are likely to invest more in cars, and property in the ongoing year.

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India’s interest in the investment sector has grown significantly. And there have been a lot of theories regarding the creation of wealth within which the best thing is ‘understanding’ of the market.

Satwik Jain, Dalal Street’s top money manager, has found some simple formulas to locate stocks that will yield 10x retrievals in the upcoming 10 years. here are the excerpts:

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  1. Recognize the consolidating returns collections. Globally, even in India, it can be seen the profit pools are getting consolidated in the hands of a few champion franchises.
  2. Recognize the promotor’s willingness to spend on minority shareholders.
  3. Recognize what are the challenges and advantages that can be addressed in the market.

Satwik also mentions that he stays far from the weaker economies and sectors.

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