US to Offer $5Million to stop North-Korean Hack

The State Department of the United States on Friday announced a prize capital of around $5 million for information so that the illicit outpouring of funds to North Korea can be stopped as soon as possible.

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On the cybersecurity front, for example, the program is specially designed for those who want to sabotage the cybersecurity and the cryptocurrency exchange throughout the world for the country of North Korea.

The program is also inquisitive in getting details related to the selling of weapons and shipping of crude oil and coal mines to transfer in North Korea and some other illegal activities such as human rights abuses, money laundering, and other drug-related issues.

This program was initiated in April 2020 to get information about illicit cyber activities and this reward offer is an extended version of that.

On March 23 Cryptocurrency of about $620 million was heisted which led the FBI to announce a reward of $5 million for cracking down on the outpouring of funds to North Korea.

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The Justice Reward Program has not only focused on the North-Korean hackers, earlier in the year 2020 U.S. election it has also proposed around 10 million for lead to apprehending two Iranians who tried to invade in the Election process.

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