Stock Market Rises On Mixed Signals From Global Market, Sensex Rises 150 Points

New Delhi:- On Thursday morning, the domestic stock exchange opened with green mark, after getting mixed signals from the worldwide market. At the extent of 51,972.75 Sensex rose 150 points, at the start of trading. On the opposite hand, the 50 point Nifty opened at 15,451.55 points.

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Aside from this, Dow trading with the gain of 600 points and closed down 50 points. Nasdaq has also closed with a small decline by falling from the peak, at the identical time. In the morning, there’s a jump of 1.65 per cent within the Japan’s securities market. On the opposite hand, there’s a jump of 1.91 per cent within the Hong Kong’s securities market.


Market struggling because of Inflation:- Because of increase in inflation Global market is struggling. European markets closed down by 1 and a half per cent. except this, light buying is being seen in Asian markets.

Stock Market Condition On Wednesday:- The 2 day rally within the securities market came to a halt, earlier on Wednesday. Because of global market sell-off and investors withdrawal the 30 BSE Sensex shares down at 51,822.53 and closed at 709.54 points. But this, the Nifty of National stock exchange closed at 15,413.30 with a loss of 225.50 points.

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