Starling Bank Issues Stern Warning About Crypto

Recently, the CEO of Sterling Bank, Anne Boden, has warned people about the cryptocurrency industry. This comment comes in when the crypto industry glimpsed a tremendous shift, and the apps related to the cryptocurrency got global reach.

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Anne Boden established Starling Bank in 2014 which is based in Britain. And the fintech company is basically backed by Goldman Sachs, a renowned banking institution in the U.S. in her current panel discussion during Amsterdam’s Money 20/20 fintech conference, Anne Boden said that the cryptocurrency market acts very dangerously.

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Sterling Bank is a financial institution that provides loans through proper application. The firm’s last worth counted was 2.5 billion euros.

Boden said that a lot of crypto wallets have direct access to payment schemes which might be harmful to the safety of the payment schemes. Boden earlier also alerted about the threats of the crypto sectors.

But Boden’s comments are dissimilar to the actual steps taken by the fintech companies. Because some of the leading fintech companies have started embracing the cryptocurrency industry. And credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard have also announced that they are there to support cryptocurrency.

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