South Korean Exchanges Rejected the New Terra Blockchain ‘Terra2.0’

Four of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges has refused Do
Kwon, the founder of Terraform Labs to list the Terra2.0 after the crash .

As per the media reports, Do Kwon has approached several crpto exchanges in the country like Upbit, Coinone, Cobit, Bithumb and Gopax to list the new blockchain.

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According the reports, only the Upbit exchange has accepted the proposal while there four have rejected the offer. The other exchanges told the reporters that they are hesitant to do list their native tokens as the investigation on Terraform Labs by the South Korean government is still going on.

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Following the massive Terra, Luna crash, the South Korean Government Officials are investigation on their parent company Terraform Labs and the South Korean Minister of Justice Han Dong-Joon is directly involved in this investigation.

Though much support is not coming from the bigger exchanges in the country still other crypto exchanges are willing to welcome the Terra2.0.

Binance, Bitrue, FTX have agreed to embrace the revival of the crypo token.

From now onwards the old blockchain will be called Terra Classic and it will be home to the crypto LUNA classic.

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