Rupee May Fall To The Level Of 80 Against The Dollar, Why This Fall Is Coming And What Will Be Its Effect??

New Delhi:- Since also, it has touched its new low against the bone several times. It’s anticipated to fall further and reach the position of 80. Apart from the exit of FPIs, the reason for the fall in the rupee is the rise in the bone indicator and the cost of crude oil painting. The rupee stood at 73.78 a bone on January 12, 2022 and since also it has fallen by further than Rs 5 in lower than six months. It touched its each- time low of 79.11 on Friday.


New Delhi:- The exit of foreign investment is one of the main reasons for the fall in rupee. Apart from this, the decline can also be attributed to the rise in crude oil painting prices. Foreign portfolio investors have pulled out Rs 2.13 lakh crore from the equity request so far this time. Foreign investors pulled out Rs 51,000 crore from the Indian request in June.

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Banerjee said that in the coming 6- 9 months, the rupee may face challenges from the retardation in the global frugality, lack of liquidity of the US bone and high oil painting prices. He said that if the bone continues to rise encyclopedically, the rupee will fall to 80. Due to falling rupee, significances will come precious, due to which the prices of goods and services will increase further. Simply put, affectation will increase. It’ll also affect the scholars studying abroad. Apart from this, the current account deficiency will also increase.

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