Reliance Shareholders Got Hit, TCS Investors Became Rich, Such Was The Market Cap Of Top 10 Companies

Mumbai:- Last week, there was a rally within the stock exchange, thanks to which the BSE index was up by quite two percent. Barring Reliance Industries, the market capitalization of the remaining nine companies out of the top-10 has increased during this era.

Nine out of the ten Highest Market Cap Companies in India have registered a powerful jump within the capitalization last week. With this, HDFC Bank, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) and ICICI Bank were among the highest gainers.

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According to PTI, the market cap of the country’s top tech company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) increased by Rs 74,534.87 crore last week. during this way its total capitalization reached Rs 12,04,907.32 crore. While Hindustan Unilever’s market valuation rose by Rs 44,888.95 crore to Rs 5,41,240.10 crore. HDFC Bank grew by Rs 35,427.18 crore to Rs 7,51,800.31 crore. Along with this, HDFC’s valuation increased by Rs 24,747.87 crore to Rs 3,97,190.50 crore last week.

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Infosys rises by Rs 22,888.49 crore to Rs 6,06,734.50 crore . Whereas Bharti Airtel’s capitalization increased by Rs 15,185.45 crore to Rs 3,68,789.63 crore. The capitalization of depository financial institution of India increased by Rs 11,914.36 crore to Rs 4,05,489.73 crore. LIC also benefited during this era and its market cap increased by Rs 4,427.5 crore. Now its capitalization is Rs 4,18,525.10 crores. Meanwhile, only the market cap of Reliance Industries, led by industrialist Mukesh Ambani, fell. The capitalization of Reliance Industries declined by Rs 59,901.07 crore to Rs 16,91,785.45 crore.

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