PSCU to Debut a Fresh Cryptocurrency Microsite

On Wednesday, the Payments credit union service organization PSCU declared that it is going to debut a fresh cryptocurrency microsite, which will target the credit unions.

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According to the press release, this site is going to operate as a constantly updated hub for communication and scholarly aids to the digital assets.

As per the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), credit unions are capable enough to engage with the crypto service providers and offer the scope to purchase and trade the digital assets to members in some other ways.

The site will reportedly support the credit unions to enlighten themselves on the crypto proceedings. The microsite will feature some downloadable videos with blogs white papers and other helpful content to communicate with the credit union staffs.

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Scott Young, the Vice President of Innovation and Design at PSCU said that in today’s financial market cryptocurrency is a very hot topic and there are several credit union members who are active right now and others are curious to do so.. Until now, there has been a lack of regulation by the credit unions and they have kept them back from any kind of involvement with cryptocurrency and with the changing landscape it is the optimal time for the credit unions to educate themselves.

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