Police Retrieve Victim’s $100000 in Peterborough

There has been a wide number of cryptocurrency scams happening over the world. the amount counted to over $77 million in 2021.

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The Peterborough police have been warning the citizens to be very cautious while investing in the cryptocurrency investment deals after a report was filed by a resident of losing $100,000 in a scam.

As per the Peterborough Police Service, their fraud department started the investigation immediately after the citizen reported the scam. The man has invested $100,000 without realizing that it was a scam.

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The police have managed to track the money electronically as it was still accessible at that time and they had not reached the verge of not being achievable. The City police took the operation forward with the help of the OPP.

The police said that with the help of a crypto exchange they have been able to retrieve the $100,000 and gave it back to the resident.

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