ParallelChain’s Crypto Wallet is Now in Beta Version

ParallelChain is now having its crypto wallet in beta version. ParallelChain is a high-performance and low latency blockchain ecosystem.

The ParallelChain team stated in an official announcement that they have ventured into a testing program by its ParrallelWallet service.

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Until June 5, 2022, one can register for the program. For this phase of experimentations, ParallelChain Lab will choose only 50 testers with the ParallelWallet beta version for ios. And the successful testers will receive prizes for their insightful feedback.

This experiment will involve the simulation of operations with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and U.S Dollar (USD).

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The “ParallelChain-ed” activity logs, the privacy mode, and the built-in token price chart will also be accessible to the testers. Other than this traders can log in to their wallets with multi-biometric instruments.

ParallelChain’s security option allows a user to address major issues of security and privacy. Biometric data is not like passwords. It cannot be compromised.

CEO of ParallelChain Lab, Ian Huang said that his team 2will push the barrier of protection in the Web3.

The Multi-biometric identification of ParallelChain includes an anti-spoofing facial recognition instrument, voice recognition tool, and palmprint recognition technologies. This ensures the security and privacy of the ParallelChain.

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