Moonbirds Minting Out Within the First Few Hours

This afternoon, when Moonbirds went live a few hours ago. Amongst the 10,000, 2,000 were made unrestricted to PROOF Collective NFT holders via a free mint. The team of the Moonbirds boosted up more than $65 million from the mint allowlist at the existing market worth of Ethereum.


Moonbirds is a type of pixel art of owl minted on Ethereum. In that respect, Moonbirds is parallel to several other “PFP” projects which became popular in the year 2021.

Nevertheless, Moonbirds vows some better things than multiple other NFT projects, which clarifies the reason behind its selling at such an elevated price of mint. Although Moonbirds correspond to adorable owls on the exterior, they serve as “utility NFTs” for proof, being a contemporary champion in the NFT space. PROOF made a gigantic prosperous takeoff when it disclosed PROOF Collective, a club for NFT collectors.

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Grails, PROOF Collective’s foremost plunge, featured the Larva Labs and Tyler Hobbs’s works, and the recent floor price is more than 2,40,000 in Ethereum. Moonbirds have been tagged as the authorized avatar for PROOF and though components are presently lacking, they’re anticipated to propose holders equal advantages to PROOF Collective passes. That could denote earlier access to deluxe mints, airdrops, or other gratuities.

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