MEME Exchange to Trade on Web3

MEME Exchange, a cryptocurrency derivative platform has recently launched and concluded future trading based on the Web3 system officially, feeding the investors with a unique experience in futures trading.

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MEME is a futures exchange that sustains a variety of cross-chain mainstream assets to satisfy the security, weightless, high frequency, and low commission demands of users.
Due to the persistent outbreak of the COVID-19, conventional financial markets are tormented by tensions. The 2021-2022 bull market has seen a flock of new investors into the cryptocurrency market who strive to hedge their bets on the market with results on underlying assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To some extent, derivatives are favorably liquid and efficient outcomes for investors to evade their positions and reduce the threats associated with the volatility of crypto assets.

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MEME is the world’s first WEB3 cross-chain DEX, founded in December 2021 that allows ultra-high frequency futures trading on the basis of asset segregation.

A global team of technology and finance experts and engineers created the MEME and has acquired multidirectional consent from first-class counterparts. MEME will provide an awesome and constant benefit for crypto derivatives innovation in the future. MEME sponsors trade participated by stablecoin assets based on Ethereum EVM and TRC20 assets of TRON network, such as USDT, USDC, and DAI. In the future, more multi-chain crypto digital assets will be included in the co-construction of MEME ecology.

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