Investors Will Be In Double Profits Today, Sensex Will Rise And Gold Will Be Cheaper

New Delhi:- The increase in interest rates of the US central bank will have a significant impact on the stock market today. It is estimated that today the market may rise, while the demand for gold will decrease due to fall in its prices in the global market. The effect on Indian market clearly visible due to breakdown in gold prices.


Today we can see that, there was breakdown in Crude oil prices. There was no change in the rates of petrol the retail market on Thursday released that. Apart from this, retail market on Thurday morning released that there was no change in the diesel prices. On the other hand, Experts say that stock market can break its four-day brokerage trend.


There was slight change in Sensex stock market. Sensex stock market goes high and gold price become cheaper. Due to raised in US Fed Reserve interest rate gold prices breakdown today.

With the fall in US bond yields, investors are now expecting more interest and they reducing investment in gold, which considered a safe haven. This is the reason that today the demand for gold in the global market was low, due to which its prices have also shown a decline.

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