Edible Oil Will Be Cheaper, Stock Market Volatility Continues

New Delhi:- The raising of interest rates by the US central bank has had a negative effect on the stock market there. Investors are selling fast in the fear of recession and its pressure is also visible on the markets around the world including India. Meanwhile, Mother Dairy has today announced a deduction of Rs 15 on its edible oil.


Crude Oil prices have come down in the global market today. Meanwhile, there was no change in the rates of petrol retail market released it on Friday as well. Apart from this, there was no change in diesel prices released in the retail market on Friday as well.

Here, the big fall in stcok market in the morning was reduced a little by noon. However, Sensex is still trading below 250 points. Meanwhile, Mother Dairy has announced a reduction of Rs 15 in the prices of its edible oils, which will give relief to the consumers.


The company has reduced the prices of mustard, sunflower and soybean oil. Oils with reduced MRP will hit the market next week. Mother Dairy is the leading milk supplier in Delhi NCR. The company sells mustard, sunflower and soybean oils under the brand name of Dhara.

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