Due To These 5 Reasons, There Was Uproar In The Stock Market, 5 Lakh Crores Of Investors Drowned In Minutes

New Delhi:- Sensex and Nifty saw a sharp decline in the trading session that started on Monday. The stock market has been in a downtrend for some time now. The Sensex saw a fall of mpore than 1500 points and the Nifty fell by about 450 points. Due to this, in a matter of minutes, about 5 and a half lakh crore rupees of the investors were drowned.

Reason No. 1:- Inflation at a 40-year high America Inflation

Inflation in America has reached a 40-year high level of 8.6. This is happening due to increase in essentials and food price.

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Reason No. 2:- Expected increase in Interest Rate

After reaching the record level of inflation in America, the US Federal Reserve Bank is expected to increase the interest rate. The two-day meeting of US Federal Reserve will begin on June 15.

Reason No. 3:- Crude Oil Fluctuations

There has been a period of volatility in the rate of crude oil. Crude oil has softened on hopes of an aggressive approach from the US Fed and the possibility of a lockdown after increasing cases of Covid-19 in China. Its effect also being seen on the stock market.


Reason No. 4:- Inflation figures of the

In April, India’s inflation rate rose to 7.7 percent. Ever-increasing inflation, the repo rate was increased by the RBI in the last days. According to a Reuters poll, now the Consumer Price Index for the month of May may come down to 7.10 percent.

Reason No. 5:- Record Fall in Rupee

The Indian rupee has come down 78.16 per dollar with a record fall. The rupee has fallen to this level for the first time due to strengthening of the dollar.

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