‘Cryptocurrency’ Being a Desirable Theme for Investors Last week

Last week ‘China Digitalization’ took first place over ‘Global Infrastructure’ and became the most appealing theme for investors followed by the theme of ‘Cryptocurrency’ making it the second most important theme of choice for investors and generating USD$316 million of capital as investor involvement arises.

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After Chinese authorities announced the easing of restrictions from the two months-long lockdowns, the Chinese technology stocks started rising in the last week.

In the thematic universe, the second most popular theme was ‘Cryptocurrency’. Investors invested around USD$316 million in the ETFs by following the theme. The cryptocurrency ETFs are basically domiciled in Canada. And the trend started looking driven mainly by the cash inflows into the cryptocurrency.

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Earlier last week, ‘Chipotle’ a Mexican Food Chain also listed its name in the list of restaurants that are accepting cryptocurrency as payments. The payment mode will be the Flexa app and it will be available for every outlet of Chipotle in the U.S. This digital payment platform supports payment in Bitcoin, Ether, and other 96 cryptocurrencies.

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