Crypto Again Under Threat of ‘Cryware’

With the emerging demand for Cryptocurrency, the criminal activities are also gearing up with the same rhythm. And this time the threat is termed ‘Cryware’.
A Research Team from Microsoft has identified this new type of malware which is stealing crypto directly from the internet-connected wallets.

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In order to ensure additional security, lock the hot wallets while not trading actively. It will restrict the attackers from robbing your assets without your permission.
While copy-pasting the wallet address to be aware of the hackers, they can switch the address in the clipboard to their wallet.

Do not forget to terminate the browser sessions after every transaction if you want to avoid the attack of malware.

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Be careful with some website links. There are some phishing websites that always try to appear as authentic. So try to type the website name without clicking any link to get into the site and also ensure that you have typed the correct domain.
Do not keep your seed phrases in your cloud storage.
Keep your antivirus software updated. It will protect you from any kind of malware.

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