Campus to Unlock Its IPO for Subscription on 26th

On 26 April the IPO of the footwear maker Campus will unlock for the subscription. Earlier in the day, it was Rs 60 till Sunday, and then on Monday, it has grown to Rs 85 and a sharp jump has been seen in the GMP of the IPO.

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Typically this is great news for the people who want to invest in IPO. It is noteworthy that the IPO will be open on Tuesday and the subscription can be done by Thursday. The Activewear of the Campus is planning to yield around 1400 crore through this IPO.

The Campus was established in 2005. Campus manufactures Sports Activewear and Footwear. By the FY 2021, the enterprise had a 15% share in the Indian Sports Footwear Market. In the same year, the enterprise received a total income of around Rs 715 crore. During that time, the company’s net profit stood at 26,86 crore.

About Campus IPO

  • The gray market price of Campus Activewear IPO has now increased to Rs 85.
  • The enterprise has allocated around 47,900,000 shares and wishes to grow by Rs 1,400 crore through IPO.
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The funding of the IPO is anticipated on May 4, 2022. right now it is anticipated to list on the stock market in the near future.

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