A Sharp Jump In The Price Of Gold, Silver Reached Above 61 Thousand, Check The Latest Rate Of 10 Grams Of Gold

New Delhi:- Today’s morning we can clearly visible a sharp jump in the futures prices of gold and silver. On the Multicommodity Exchange, the futures price of gold is reaching near 51 thousand, while silver has gone above 61 thousand. However, the spot prices of gold and silver are seeing a fall in the global market after the Fed Reserve raised interest rates.

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Gold has once again moved towards 51 thousand with a big increase, while silver is being sold above 61 thousand.

Eariler, trading in gold started from the level of Rs 50,650 per 10 grams. Today there is a demand for gold in the domestic market, due to which it is trading at 0.40 percent increase from yesterday’s closing price.

Silver Reached Beyond 61 Thousand:-

On the lines of gold, there was a sharp jump in prices of silver today. Eariler, trading in silver had started at Rs 61,233 per kg, but due to weakness in demand, the futures price came down slightly.

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Prices Decreased In The Global Market:-

While gold and silver prices are showing a jump in the Indian futures market today, the yellow metal prices have come down in the global market today.

This is about 0.18 percent less than the previous close. Similarly, the spot price of silver came down to $ 21.66 announce. In this also a weakness of 0.27 percent is visible from the previous closing price.

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