960 Percent Return Given In 1 Years, Share Of Rs 54 Reached Rs 579

New Delhi:- In the last time, Gensol Engineering has given a return of 960 percent to its investors. During this, the Sensex been suitable to gain only by 0.81 percent. In the last fiscal time, the company had registered a growth of 155 percent in its income. In the last 1 time, in the domestic stock request, there’s a stock that has given returns of further than 950 percent to its investors. At the identical time, this stock has seen a gain of 380 percent, in the time of 2022.

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In the last time, Gensol Engineering stock has reached at the position of Rs 579. In the one time, the stock of Gensol has given a return of 958 percent to the investors. So far from this time, it has given a return of 386 percent to the investors. On January 3, 2022 the stock of Gensol Engineering stock was trading at Rs 119. piecemeal from this, the Sensex stock has break down further than 10 percent during this period.

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Last time on December 8, this stock was trending at RS 68. In August 2021, if an investor has invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock, it would have increased to further than 11 by now. In the last fiscal time 2021- 2022, the company entered an income of Rs 153 crore from operations which is 155 percent more, than its real income. In the last 4 times, the company has registered a growth of 200 percent in gains.

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