5 Penny Stocks That Are Making Investors Rich, Do You Have Them??

New Delhi:- During this time, Nifty 50 have broken up to 10 percent. Apart from this, BSE Sensex have broken up to 10 per cent. Penny stocks have low liquidity. Today we are telling you about five such penny stocks which have given multibagger returns to investors within the year 2022.


Kaiser Corporation:- In the year 2022 the stock of Kaiser Corporation has increased by 2834 percent. On June 30, the value of this share was 0.35 paise.

Gallop Enterprises:- Gallop Enterprises share has increased by 2025 percent in the year 2022 so far. This stock has given 68 percent return to investors and in one year it’s climbed 2235 percent.

Hemang Resources:- On January 3, 2022 the price of Hemang Resources was 3.12. Today the price of Hemang Resources stock is increased to Rs 53.85. This stock given 52 percent return to investors and in one year it’s climbed 1021 percent.

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Alliance Integrated Metallic:- The stock of Alliance Integrated Metallic has gained 796 percent so far in the year 2022. The stock was priced at Rs 2.84 on January 3, which has now gone up to Rs 25.45. The price of this Penny stock has increased by 1211 percent in one year.

Mid India Industries:- In year 2022, this stock has gained 501 percent. On January 3, 2022, the worth of this share was Rs 3.36, which has now increased to Rs 20.20. However, selling pressure is being seen in this stock for the last one month.

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